graphic & web designer


This pages goal was to coincide with a new product launch of Cabela's Guidewear products. These products all having UPF protection and meant for extreme fishing conditions took Cabela's to Tahiti to shoot the products in action.
My goal was to highlight the amazing photography as well as the 4 video vignettes created for this launch. I also wanted to add shopability to the page by the addition on featured products that were included in each video.

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This pages goal was to both announce the launch of the New Cabela's Guidewear Advance series of high-performance jackets as well as showing the tech and research that went into making them. To really push home the tech aspects of the jacket and bibs I made sure to include technical drawings of the many features these products include. Also included are many clickable areas where the customer can explore the many features they get from the new product line.
To accomplish this I worked with our in-house photographers to shoot close-ups of the truly unique material the Advance products use, also shooting the features specifically to create gifs to fully describe the features.

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